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Spring Lake RV Resort

190 Sites; basketball court; beach volleyball; camping cabins; hand boat launch


    • Spring Lake RV Resort has Boat Ramp Boat Ramp
    • Spring Lake RV Resort has Showers Showers
    • Flushable toilets Flushable toilets
    • Boating (non-motorized) Boating (non-motorized)
    • Fishing Fishing
    • Playground Playground
    • Swimming Swimming
    • Sani Station Sani Station
    • Grocery Store Grocery Store
    • Firewood Available Firewood Available
    • Wheelchair Accessible (public areas) Wheelchair Accessible (public areas)

    Contact Information

    499 Lakeside Drive
    Spring Lake, AB
    T7Z 2V5

    Physical Address: 6 km W of Stony Plain on Hwy 16A, 3 km SW on Parkland Dr, S on RR 15

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    Dee: 14 night stay on 8/26/2013
    overal rating: (8/26/2013)

    my mother reseverd and paid over $900 for a campsite at spring lake. She lives 3 hours away and chose this resort because it is close to stony plain where myself and my brother live and intended to have us and 2 grandkids come and go as we liked. at the gates i encountered unfriendliness bordering on rudeness from the manager over registration and payment which i had no knowledge of because i wasnt the one who had made reservations. i found the manager (the black haired darling) as we called her and one other lady to be unreasonably strict in that guests seem to be unwelcome and monitored as if it were a prison camp. i was looking forward to a relaxing fun summer vacation and it turned out to be the most unenjoyable camping trip i have been on. i feel we were harrased over small things like my pug being seen without a leash once and my 10 yr old son with some other kids from the resort making a fort and the most rediculous thing was the time a staff member pulled into our campsite on her golf cart and started accusing my brother and his friend who are both nearly 40 yrs old of urinating on trees! The last thing i want to mention is that the gates are locked and radios are to be off at 10 pm including friday and saturday nights so if you're wanting to have a drink around the fire on a weekend this isnt the place to go

    linda: 4 night stay on 7/1/2010
    overal rating: (7/5/2012)

    we have stayed there a few times and found it quite enjoyable the staff are very friendly news papers and firewood delivered to you, although the store leaves a little to be desired, the rest of the campsites was great, good for a short stay

    Rob: 10 night stay on 9/1/2011
    overal rating: (9/13/2011)

    This campground is ok if it it just you and your family stay on site. My wife and I camped there for the week of her son's wedding. To say the least guest are not welcome at the campsite. attitude it totally unacceptable. Me rented a campsite for 10 days and a cabin for two. When my daughter and son inlaw showed up at 11 at night I was rushed at the gate. When my step son was at our site at 10 pm the night before the wedding finalizing the last minute wedding details, I had drove out and picked him up. I feel it is unreasonable for my step son to have to pay 5 dollars to come in and see us when he had spent $800 renting sites and cabins. And speaking of the cabins, they are so far from a cabin its not even funny. I think my kids described it as a jail cell......a $95 dollar a night jail cell. A lot of the staff was very nice and accomidating. One man ruined our review of this campsite. Stay away, you will have more fun.

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