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Blue Lake Resort

This campground has 75 sites and accepts reservations. Lakefront lots available.

  • Open date:April 1
  • Close date:November 1


  • Blue Lake Resort has Showers Showers
  • Blue Lake Resort has Flushable toilets Flushable toilets
  • Fishing Fishing
  • Playground Playground
  • Swimming Swimming

Contact Information

63452 Blue Lake Road
Boston Bar, BC
V0K 1C0

Physical Address: Hwy 1 in Fraser Canyon

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J: 3 night stay on 7/1/2014
overal rating: (10/2/2014)

I would never recommend this campsite to anyone with a family. the playground is a hide lodge of broken, mismatched, old and dangerous equipment. The washrooms and showers are DISGUSTING, I would be surprised if they are cleaned once a week. I don't think the showers are ever cleaned. There was some sort of worms living in the drain in the shower at the end. oh and if you want electricity, better be prepared to constantly fix the breaker. this campground is an electrical nightmare - no way would it pas any sort of electrical code. Extension cords running from site to site. Not one camper on our stretch from the washrooms to the beach could run their ac without blowing a breaker constantly. Complain to the office and you were told to fix it yourself. Loved that for our entire stay there was two squished rats on the road right beside the playground. The owner/worker would drive by them and over them on his wav many times a day. Crazy loud at night with music and partying. they say they are a family campground but they cater more to the pot smoking, heavy partiers who constantly rip up and down the roads on ATV's. Music is always loud at night, owners never enforce rules. tonnes of off leash dogs on beach. When are first pulled into campground our spot had a nice welcome pile of dog poop and had garbage strewn about. Obviously sites are not checked before new campers arrive. Not to mention that someone else was parked in our spot, we asked them to move their vehicle and got told off. This place is a dusty, dirty, poorly run campground. the only good thing was the beautiful lake but you can find that all around BC. Would never go again.

L: 1 night stay on 6/11/2013
overal rating: (6/11/2013)

This place is built on a swamp, with lots of dead trees and standing water causing loads of mosquitoes. There was garbage everywhere.

Jeff: 3 night stay on 5/31/2012
overal rating: (5/31/2012)

I was at Blue Lake Resort the may long weekend in 2012. I think it's a pretty good site. There were some loud punks the first night, but they were forced to leave and after that it was smooth sailing. The management seemed to want to keep it a family friendly destination, and I'm all about that. Good prices, and not too far from Vancouver. The road going up to the resort was told to me as being kind of crazy, but I got up it just fine. I'm going back soon to get away from the city and enjoy some more wilderness. The forests and the lake are the best parts of the place.

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