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Hitch' N Rail Family Resort

20 sites, Year round cabins.Cancellation Policy 30 days   

  • Open date:April 15
  • Close date:October 31

Contact Information

Golden Horn Road, Box 115
Heffley Creek, BC
V0E 1Z0

Physical Address: 

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john: 0 night stay on 9/12/2018
overal rating: (9/12/2018)

The owners of the hitch are still a real bunch of arrogant, egotistical, you get the rest. I used to go there with my mens ball team every year for 10 years. He was a MAJOR idiot then and he hasn't changed. He rips everyone off and plays the "small print card if it even remotely exists". I heard it had finally been sold so I thought I would check it out with a couple friends. The fishing used to be a lot of fun. As soon as we drove into the driveway I seen the nightmare that is the owner and after I had some words with him. The funny thing is his family lived in Delta BC while his kids were growing up and they were great people to go to school with. Now we know why his daughter won't even talk to him. Why Kamloops and Sun Peaks haven't run him out of town is totally baffling because he is definitely not good for tourism. If you want to enjoy a great fishing holiday or get away, Go somewhere else. NOT the Hitch & Rail.

Al: 7 night stay on 8/20/2018
overal rating: (8/20/2018)

Stay away, the owner is a absolute control freak. Very old and tired property. More rules and regulations than any campsite I have ever used. Water is NOT potable, no hot water in shower room SINKS, costs $2.00 to have a decent shower. Owner has no sense of what hospitality is all about. Showers Generally dirty, attendant washed floor with cold water with no soap or disinfectant. No beach, two VERY SMALL wharfs, room for only a few people at a time. Owner looks for every opportunity to impose a new fee. Stay away, much better places in the area. Owner says we have "wonderful reviews" but the proof is most are VERY nagative, and they are true. STAY AWAY!!!!

Meagan: 0 night stay on
overal rating: (9/3/2017)

Our family is always looking for new places to try. My Husband found the Hitchnrail online and we booked for the August Long Weekend. Unfortunately, the wild fires have been out of control and we decided to cancel so as not to risk adding to the confusion of people being evacuated, etc. My husband sent an email July 13th to notify the owners of our families decision. We searched through the website looking for the cancellation policies but found nothing. In all of our years RVing seven days is the norm. We just received our credit card bill to find a $50 fee charge. Really POOR customer service. We were looking forward to checking out the location another time but will NOT ever rebook again.

Aaron: 2 night stay on 8/8/2009
overal rating: (8/26/2017)

My wife and I wanted to spend a couple of days in a cabin in a quite location, so we gave Dave a call to see what there availability was. We had read the reviews and were totally ok with the rules, actually it was exactly what we were looking for, no partying, lots of peace and quite. We sent Dave an email requesting our days of stay. WELL, as it turns out, Dave use to be my soccer coach 40 some years ago in Surrey. It was fantastic to see Dave & Gail again after all these years and to meet there daughter Jessica. The cabin was extremely clean and the stay was so peaceful and relaxing, exactly what we were looking for. It was great to reminisce about old times with the family. Dave was a hell of a soccer, I know "football" player, in his time, and a fantastic coach. We had a very relaxing stay and would highly recommend staying at the Hitch N Rail if you are looking for a quiet and peaceful time. Looking forward to seeing Dave and the family again soon.

Robert: 3 night stay on 7/1/2017
overal rating: (8/23/2017)

My family has been staying the Hitch' n Rail for over 30 years, in fact my little grandson is the 4th generation to stay there. If you are looking for a well maintained property, peace and quiet with great fishing this is it. Dave runs a tight ship, no noise or parties and for us this is what family camping and fishing is all about. All the best to Dave, Gail and Jessica. See you soon, Robert

jamie: 10 night stay on 7/28/2017
overal rating: (8/14/2017)

kim: 9 night stay on 7/28/2017
overal rating: (8/8/2017)

I absolutely loved staying at the Hitch n Rail Resort. Where do I start??? This is a wonderful family based Resort. Dave works the office, Gail is the wonderful cook and their daughter Jessica keeps the site in top notch condition. I had the pleasure of having lunch there in the restaurant on my second day and it was by far the best beef dip evah!!! My boyfriend had the club house with Gail's home made bread and is still raving about it. My campsite was overlooking the lake and everyone in the campsites around me and who passed on kayaks, paddle boards or boats were super friendly. This lake is great because its big enough (4.5 miles long) but not too busy to enjoy. It is a real hidden gem. I walked through one of the larger cabins and thought it would be perfect to come back to next time. This is a family friendly resort and if you don't like to respect the rules and others don't bother making a reservation. If I could rate it 10 stars I would. I would definitely be coming back sooner than later and will be making this an annual trip.

Harry & Renate: 5 night stay on 7/8/2017
overal rating: (7/8/2017)

Fabulous !! This is exactly the kind of resort we were looking for. The negative posts from others were an attraction to to us as we have had enough of wild parties and coyote howling into the the wee hours of the morning. NOT HERE! Dave,Gail and Jessica run a super clean tidy and quite resort and there are rules. The resort is not large but very comfortable in amongst the trees and lots of scenic lake views , many spots right at the waters edge. The fishing was fantastic as well. We had a fabulous time at this Resort will definitely be one of our annual vacation spots.

Chris & Susan: 4 night stay on 5/24/2017
overal rating: (5/24/2017)

I've just returned from our May long weekend stay at the Hitch' N Rail Family Resort. I booked this vacation for myself and a group of friends a few months ago upon the recommendation we received from the owners of the RV lot that we purchased our trailer from. The resort came with a very high recommendation along with a warning that there are rules that must be adhered to. Before booking, I was sure to look at the rules and did not find anything that would be difficult for our family to adhere to. I found Dave to be charming on the phone as well as very honest. He told me right away that they have rules posted on their website and to be sure that they would present a problem for us. I assured him that he would enjoy having our family and friends at his resort :) Our stay was slightly delayed due to the chance of flooding and Dave was very helpful in letting us know as soon as possible and keeping me posted on when we could come. Upon arrival I was happy to find Dave just as charming in person :) I enjoyed bantering back and forth with him and I was happy to give him the respect he deserves. I have read some of the negative reviews that have been posted and I can only assume that the people that are unhappy must have felt that they were somehow special enough to not have to follow the very clear rules that are posted on the website and provided to each guest upon arrival. I appreciate that Dave and Gail provide such a well run resort and would rate this as an excellent for a quiet family vacation. Certainly it is not the place to go to party and have a wild weekend! If you want a quiet atmosphere with beautiful surroundings this is the place for you. You can be assured that you will not have to put up with loud music, barking dogs and late night partying :)

Eathan: 5 night stay on
overal rating: (8/24/2016)

Was an excellent stay Dave and his people were amazing.we will be back. Cabin was amazing lake is awesome. recommend hitch n rail to anyone. Thx guys. Myself wife and daughters had a great time!! Eathan

Doug: 2 night stay on 8/1/2016
overal rating: (8/10/2016)

Great place to come and get away from it. Being this was our first time here I can't say enough how great our experience here was. The people are great. The place is awesome. The cabins are great. Can't say enough about Dave and his family. The hospitality was excellent. Dave is a gentleman and wonderful host. Gail and Jessica were sweethearts. Adam was awesome in his instruction of kayaking 101. I' would recommend this place to anyone. I like the fact that it's very relaxing, no partying, no loud and obnoxious guests. Couldn't be better.

Michael: 7 night stay on
overal rating: (8/3/2016)

Reviews, reviews reviews. Seems that you either love The Hitch n Rail or have a strong dislike here on google. Have a poorly behaved dog? Don't bother going. Like to drink? Stay up late with loud music? Think the world revolves around you and the peace of others is secondary to your own selfishness? Don't call, email or write; you're not wanted and thank goodness there is a resort that will not tolerate it. Dave (the owner, along with his wonderful wife Gail) runs a very tight ship. He will be the first to tell you. Maybe a few times. Most likely when you book, certainly when you register and most likely somewhere in between. The resort is amazing because of these rules. Clean and well kept because of the staff and how much they care for the guests. The views, the water and fishing are the reasons we came, the staff is the reason we come back year after year. I would also like to mention a very special person who I think is sometimes over looked. She is the heart of the resort and I like to think the glue holding it all together. Gail's kitchen and the all suppers we had there over the past few visits are still talked about by my children. Her quiet, demure presence makes you feel at home; totally at ease. Their daughter Jessica may be the muscle, doing all the cleaning and maintenance, but Gail is the soul. Should my wife and I be the kind of partners Dave and Gail are in the years to come I would not complain in the least. Long winded review I know, but I feel compelled to make up for the nay-sayers. I understand that they must have felt vindicated by writing a poor review but in reality they were left wanting. The Hitch n Rail has standards and the refuse to deviate from those principles. So if you were asked to leave or had poor experience maybe its time to have a good long look at yourself and ask why that was. I can tell you from experience that this resort was not the problem. Love you guys and see you next year

risto: 4 night stay on 7/28/2016
overal rating: (7/28/2016)

If you want to get away from the noise and rushing around in the city and you want to cleanse the soul this is the spot my three children and my wife had a great time relaxing in the sun in a great campground. Yes there are rules but that is for all campers so they can all enjoy there vacation the yelling and loud music is not what I was looking for, I have read some reviews and I can say we had Are Radio on and we stayed up late to watch the stars and I heard nothin of it we just kept to are camp site so no one else can hear the way it should be. Dave was a gentleman , Gail and Jessica were sweethearts, and Adam well he was just great all around young man. The fishing was great with my son getting into and landing a 4 pound trout and many other large trout. By the end of our trip which was too short for me, my children new all the staff by first name and were treated like family. I will be going back hopefully in September for some more of that R and R that I need.

Emmi: 2 night stay on 7/23/2016
overal rating: (7/23/2016)

Lovely campsite with very friendly owners. We had a beautiful site by the water. We had reserved in advance and were welcomed accordingly. The facilities are a bit outdated but generally clean. We had dinner at the campsite one evening. The burger I had was served was definitely the best I've had in BC during the 3 weeks we were there.

Connie: 3 night stay on 7/18/2016
overal rating: (7/22/2016)

We found this place while looking for a cabin to stay at for our anniversary. The owner Dave was very pleasant on the phone and when we arrived Dave was just as friendly as he seemed on the phone. He laid out all the rules and conditions to us so we knew what we would be charged for. This is a family owned and we had the opportunity to meet Gail and Jessica everyone was awesome and very helpful as well as Adam. As we had gone to fish we had rented a boat with a motor and went fishing unfortunately we didn't catch anything but did see other campers had. The cabin we stayed in was a little dated but it was clean and smelled nice, you could see that they cared about the cleanliness of them. It was an enjoyable stay and we will go back again, maybe next time we will catch some trout.

Linda: 2 night stay on 7/4/2016
overal rating: (7/4/2016)

Rules and conditions were clearly known ahead of stay. If there were special circumstances, the owners could accommodate if prior notice given. I liked that there was no charge for our dog, and lots of places off the campground that we could walk her. The site was, clean, picturesque and relaxing, with the family very helpful. The dinners were delicious!

Shawn: 5 night stay on 7/4/2016
overal rating: (7/4/2016)

Stayed here 4 nights and it was a great location on the lake. Beautiful lakefront sites, nice and quiet and a couple small docks for the kids to swim off of. The owner Dave was a nice guy, I see some negative comments about him but he was a nice guy . We will stay here again

Brad: 2 night stay on 5/27/2016
overal rating: (6/6/2016)

Stayed 2 nights here and had a great time. Owner and his daughter were very friendly and helpful on how to fish the lake. Ideal place for the avid fisherman - very quiet at night and early morning and the lake is spectacular. Caught lots of fish and will definitely be coming back next year. Cabins were clean and equipped with a pots, pans, utensils etc. You can't beat being 30 seconds away from your boat tied up to the dock.

Al: 3 night stay on 5/20/2016
overal rating: (5/23/2016)

I highly recommend not staying here,the guy that runs it is a complete control freak. He has rules for everything and the camping spots are so small it feels like you are in a sardine can! You can not stoke your fire after 10 and if not out by 11 you get a 100 dollar fine. For 45 dollars a night he even took the hot water knob of both washrooms so you can not use the hot water in the washrooms. Check out is at 11 ,we tried to check out at 10:51 and he said come back at 11 so he could finish his coffee. I have never stayed at a resort when you could not leave when ever you wanted to in the morning.This guys is such a frick'en joke he makes all the other resorts feel like dream land! I would not stay there for free if the offer came up.Please do not waste your time and money with this Jerk !

Julie: 3 night stay on 5/1/2015
overal rating: (4/26/2016)

Peaceful, relaxing and just what the doctor ordered. I love this resort and the beautiful family that owns the Hitch n' Rail. They are very hospitable and know how to run a resort. They didn't read the book on running a resort, they wrote the book. If you choose to party and stay up late, then YES...this resort is NOT for you. The people that go there are families or people who get up early to go and fish. Speaking of fishing, the lake is full of beautiful tasty trout that are ready to be caught. Gail's food is amazing and Dave has a great sense on humour. Jessica, their daughter is always willing to help you with hook up, or to suggest a good fishing hole or what lure is working on any given day. Fire wood is free by the arm load and the facilities are clean. Would stay here in a heartbeat. Thank you Dave, Gail and Jessica for everything.

Amanda: 5 night stay on 6/1/2015
overal rating: (8/30/2015)

Hello all!!! My husband, 3 children and I have been enjoying this resort for well over 4 years now. We come back every summer to enjoy the peaceful lake and campground! The food served is delicious. The staff and owners are very friendly make you feel like family. Absolutely amazing and would highly recommend to anyone!

Natalie : 4 night stay on 7/12/2015
overal rating: (8/24/2015)

Pure relaxation. I research many camping areas in BC looking for an affordable place to just relax. Despite all reviews of the hitch n rail I gave it a shot and was so happy with my stay. Being a single woman I was looking for a safe place I could relax, get away, and not worry about anything. the hitch n Rail was exactly what I was looking for. It was quiet safe and relaxing. The lake was perfect for kayaking. And Dave (the owner) and his family were so welcoming and kind. Made me feel like family from the moment I arrived. If you are looking for a party place, this is not the place but if you are looking for a quiet relaxing spot at an affordable price I would highly recommend it. The cabin I stayed in was clean and perfect. I got everything I was looking for there. So don't listen to the bad reviews. Give it a try. If you go in with a good attitude you will be treated very kindly. I can't wait to go again.

Garrett: 5 night stay on 8/10/2015
overal rating: (8/16/2015)

We just returned from a wonderful time at the Hitch N Rail. We stayed in site U7 which I would highly recommend for those seeking privacy. We just wanted to get away to relax, and enjoy a peaceful few days and the resort was excellent for that. The lake is good for fishing, some swimming and is not too crowded with other boaters. I booked only a few days before arriving because of our busy schedule and was treated extremely well from start to finish. Dave and the staff went out of their way to ensure that we could fish and enjoy all the virtues the area can provide. The camp is very clean, safe and friendly. This was just the kind of place we needed, my only regret was that we could not stay longer. I highly recommend Hitch N Rail and hope to book again in September.

nick: 8 night stay on 7/26/2015
overal rating: (8/4/2015)

I booked only the week before and Dave fit me in even though my stay spanned a long weekend. We spent the week biking sun peaks and playing in the lake all day. Kids were all over the campground during the day playing and having fun. We had friends come and stay a night (no extra charges) and were given the Explorer Club discount. there are strict rules to make sure that everyone has a good time so nice and quiet when it's still 27 degrees and you're trying to sleep with the windows open. Could only get wireless in campsites closest to daughter's house (within 50 feet). Geese wander through campground every few days leaving "presents" behind. Had expensive bikes with us and felt very safe having them out due to strict out/ in rules.

gordon: 3 night stay on 7/7/2015
overal rating: (7/11/2015)

wow! such bad comments. but they are just that comments this was our second stay here and sure I can see your point about the owner and his rules. but it is his park and his rules. looking over his rules I see his reasoning. I work full time and a second job part time and this year is the first vacation I had in 15 years. after hitting the stampede in Calgary we took the motorhome up to Hefley hitch and rail. the last 3 days of my vacation were very quiet and relaxing. other campers were quiet and seemingly content. kids laughter could be heard through out the day. the other campers were friendly as one would expect. the grounds were kept up well .the daughter does all the maintenance. VERY clean. washrooms were never in need of trash laying around. the girl took pride in her work. i guess in short .. I give it 5 plus . rules keep peace and I am glad he enforces them. why should I have to tell the group of loud ignorant campers to shut up so my kids can sleep. the owner is an older man and with age comes experience. so he's gotta know what works and what don't . I will continue to take my relax weekends here.

Nicole: 0 night stay on 7/9/2015
overal rating: (7/9/2015)

DO NOT CAMP HERE! We read reviews and saw all the negative comments but family from other provinces already booked here, so after a lovely phone call with the owner we booked too. The 1st of our group showed up and the gate was closed, being told that dusk that night was at 9:32 pm (they had just drove from Manitoba and got there at about 9:40). The owner told them to go somewhere else. Another family member called to confirm bookings and ask what happened. He got mad that she asked and told her the rest of us (6 other families) we weren't allowed to even come to the resort. This was all done with irate tones and fowl language. I usually take these kinds of notes with a grain of salt as (of course) if you have a bad time your going to be angry. I didn't even get to stay here and we were able to book somewhere else so my holiday hasn't been ruined. This is to save you from having a bad experience too like so many others.

Taylor: 30 night stay on 12/27/2014
overal rating: (12/27/2014)

Lowest possible rating. I planned to rent a cabin for 6 months over the winter but left after 20 days. I'm generally easy going and not at all fussy but the owners did everything in their power to SCAM me. They seemed so friendly and honest and they turned out to be liars and inconsiderate. They practically robbed me of $900 and my boyfriend and I are now out of a place to live with 3 days notice. Stay clear of these psychos.

Laurel: 7 night stay on 8/1/2014
overal rating: (8/8/2014)

I cannot believe the comments written about this resort. It is like people are trying to ruin the man's business. Indeed the owner is a senior citizen who has rules to follow and he elaborates on them a bit too much. But the resort is clean, quiet, and pleasant. The cabins are indeed out of date, but like I say they are clean and well equipped with dishes, toaster, coffee pot. You get good TV reception and WiFi that generally works. No mice which over ran the 5 star place I stayed at on Galiano. Food prepared by the owner's daughter is excellent. I can see that this owner would not tolerate loud parties and rowdiness but for the average family it is a nice safe place. The owner is not an awful person! He is an old school gentleman who lays down the law, and it is obvious this place is his life. Come on folks show some respect and you will get some back. I rate it higher than my last visit to the Harrison Resort which was over run with loud screaming partying people. I will agree that the prices are a little high due to outdated bathrooms etc. I have enjoyed my stay here. Also bring a fan or two for the hot days.

Joan: 0 night stay on 8/5/2014
overal rating: (8/5/2014)

Do not stay at this resort. I booked ahead of time for 5 nights. When I arrived, the owner told me I was a day late and that he had given the site to someone else. I said I was sure that I was not late, but he assured me that he no longer had a site available. I checked my dates when I returned home and I was correct, I had not booked the site for the day he said. He appeared to enjoy telling me that I was out of luck. He also did the same to my nephew and his family the next day.

tiarne: 14 night stay on 4/30/2014
overal rating: (4/30/2014)

This place is an actual joke! Owners are arrogant, rude people who do not care about anyone but themselves. Everything is to suit them and they are in the wrong industry for sure Lets say they made our stay VERY memorable.. BUT not for the right reasons They have a million rules for everything. Overcharged for everything! (Got us in trouble for leaving our porch light on one night because we were out late for dinner!) They are so unreasonable. Location is great, however cabins are SO outdated! There is a reason there are no photos on there website of inside cabins! The owner entered our cabin while we were out without notice and said he was allowed to 'check on things'. We felt SO unsafe and ripped off. They are scammers. Took hundreds from us! They drilled it into us that we HAD to be quiet, no loud TV or music or laughing/talking, yet there two dogs would bark and howl non stop whenever they were out! And everytime we walked down the path to our cabin they would go crazy at us which was extreamily annoying! I cannot stress enough NOT to stay here and waste your time and money with these clowns

Daniel: 1 night stay on 7/11/2013
overal rating: (7/22/2013)

There are several reasons to STEER CLEAR OF THIS SITE: The owner is a sociopath. Friendly on the outside, and neurotic on the inside. When you arrive he gives you a list of "rules" with associated "fees" he will charge you if you break them, including "visitor" fees. The owner wanted to take an imprint of every adult's credit card upon arrival (so he can charge you those fees, I imagine), and the sites he gave us were TINY - one was barely larger than a parking spot + fire pit + picnic table. We had to leave before even staying 1 night because, despite telling the owner upon booking how many sites we wanted and how many people were coming, he wanted to charge 25% MORE upon arrival! And he refused to refund the 1st night's deposit.

Kat: 3 night stay on 7/1/2011
overal rating: (7/17/2012)

It was a nice resort but the owner is an awful person to deal with. There is a 'fee' for mostly everything at this resort, rules for mostly everything, and threats that if the rules are not followed to a tee, he will either charge you $100 (for even the slightest bit of a campfire after 11 pm), or threaten to kick you off the property (for your dog being off-leash. Also, be very careful with the cancellation policy... the website stated 30 days CP, however when someone tried to cancel he changed the policy to a 60 day policy and the people ended up having to pay for a cabin that was not used. I do not recommend this resort to anyone and I am certian that this man does not get many repeat campers.

jenni: 7 night stay on 1/10/2012
overal rating: (1/10/2012)

DO NOT STAY HERE! I can not emphasize this enough. Do not ruin your only summer vacation by staying at this place. There are so many reasons why not to stay here. To list a few includes promises of double site when he doesn't even have one, campfire out by 10pm with $100/hr fine if you have fire after 10pm, rude, full page list of campsite rules with fines, zero horses available to go on a ride and locks you inside campground at night. This campground does not even deserve even one star! Go to Knouff Lake Resort 20mins down the road.

BC Camping Tips          BC Campground Reservations has information on fire bans and Fire Danger Ratings for the entire province of BC.


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